Friday, October 9, 2009

That's not what I see...

This picture was taken with bad lighting but that's not what I see when I look at it. I see papa and grandma's house, that they shared with us and let us call home, too. I see Mela wearing clothes that she can't wear anymore (because it's so cold here in CO) and I see the pajamas that definitely are too small now but I have precious memories of her and I snuggling while she wore them when they did fit, just last winter. I see my awesome dog that I miss so much. He will join us here soon and I can hardly wait. There's just so much missing in our lives when he's not here. The barking, the protecting, the kisses, the walks, and his big brown eyes that practically speak to me.

And I see my wedding picture. The picture that was taken on the day that I became a Mrs. to the man I adore.

So many things that I love in just one little image. I sometimes forget that I am blessed. That I do have plenty to be happy about.

That life is beautiful. Period.


  1. your story reminds me so much of what my sons little family did in 2008. they started the year apart, him in az. her in ut. with the kids..
    they made a paper chain each visit during the 6 months .
    they made it and they are now happy in their home in az. but it was what they needed to do for their family. you'll make it.