Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkins and credit cards

While my hubby was here, I decided it would be great to go to a pumpkin patch. This particular pumpkin patch was at the Denver Botanic Gardens. When we arrived, about an hour after opening at 10 AM, it was already packed. We parked so far out that my black flats were totally brown by the time we got to the entrance. Then we waited in line for about fifteen minutes before my hubby discovered a hidden entrance that nobody was using. Of course, we only had our bank card as a form of payment (we're such losers) and that was no problem, or so we thought, because they took credit card payments. Of course, when it finally was our turn to pay, the credit card machine broke. They lady says to us, "Well, sorry! There's just nothing I can do!" I think at the moment she said that, my face must have done something horrible. She just looked at me and knew I was horrified. Our daughter, our beloved little Mela, is not a child who has much patience. She was already angry about the forty minute car ride and the twenty minute wait in line. I knew that we couldn't wait another hour in line because the lines were even longer now. So, I looked away and then at the kids and thought, this is it. We're going home. Like I said, the lovely volunteer lady who was trying to make the credit card machine work, must have seen all that worry on my face because she leaned over her table and whispered, "Just go. Just go and have fun." Thanks goodness for such nice people! So, we went, we walked, we played, and we even made pumpkin hats. Here is our day in pictures.

Oh. And here I am. I'm hardly ever in pictures but the hubby took this when I was walking back from the ladies room.

The end.

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