Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I know it's only the the beginning of September but...

I couldn't help it. I made Halloween mini cupcakes.

It's all because of my son. We went to Target and he saw the few things they have for Halloween, most of which was food related. I couldn't resist. So, about four bucks and a couple of hours later, we have ourselves over 50 mini Halloween cupcakes. Complete with orange, white, and black sprinkles. Thank goodness I plan to share with a dear friend of mine tomorrow or else I would be in danger of inhaling a dangerous amount of these mini treats.

Oh, and Mela, she approves.

Oh my. Look.At.Those.Little.Lips. I can hardly stand it. She is so crazy cute to me.

P.S. Look forward to Christmas music in my playlist soon. Maybe late October? I just can't help it. The holidays are coming!


  1. There is a house right across the street for sale, we could be are my sister at heart with your love of all things Halloween. It IS my favorite Holiday. Better than my birthday.

  2. diet ruiner!

    haha only joking! but they do look delicious...