Sunday, September 20, 2009

I am back in Denver

And it feels good. I feel at home and it's so strange that I do feel that way. All my life I have moved here and moved there and moved everywhere. But for the first time, when we landed at DIA, I knew I was home. I feel great but there is this one thing.

I miss my husband to death.

Last night was particularly rough. I called the hubby and cried. I wanted him to hug me. I wanted the kids to hug him. It was a sad sight. But, I know why we're doing this and I'm so positive about it that it scares me a little. I am so not an optimistic person. Life has showed me it's ugly side. But for some unknown reason, I feel really good about this move. I know that somehow he'll join us soon. And that's what I'll think about when I want him with me so bad I can't think straight.

To you sweetheart, I love you to pieces and I can't wait till our next phone call.


  1. Oh bummer, I was hoping I would get to see you before you left! I am happy for you that you are back home. Being away from brian and being a single working mother for 6 months was extremely difficult for me so I will be praying for you. If you prayed about it and you know its the right thing you know that will bring you comfort. Sometimes it will feel like the only comfort you have.

  2. I appreciate your comment Heather. That's exactly what has been bringing me comfort. Especially when people question our decision and make it seem crazy :) Thanks for the prayers my way, I sure could use them.

  3. I hope things are better soon. Thinking of you.

    Thank you so much for posting your "Little Bird with a French Fry" button. I'm going to say that to myself in the morning and throughout the day when- maybe I should say... "if" I get down;) I love it! It's already helped me!

    Would you mind if I posted it on my Lemonade Parade blog with a link back to your blog? It's really uplifting! The link is

    Thank you and hang in there