Sunday, July 12, 2009

How long are they supposed to last?

2003 was the year I bought these babies. That means I've had them for six years. Wow. Are flip flops that cost $3 supposed to last that long? Is it even okay/hygienic for me to be wearing them? I only ask because when my mom was visiting about two weeks ago, she mentioned that I should probably give them up being that the heel was practically see through thin. She bought me new ones at Old Navy but they're just not the same.

I slip these on and I'm just comfortable. I wear jeans and a simple top every single day. Trust me when I say that I have practically worn these every day that it hasn't snowed or rained for the last six years. Sure there might have been days when I wore heels or cute flats. But that's the exception. The norm is jeans and flip flops.

I think I realized this week that I must retire these bad boys. I was walking towards the house on the driveway that is made up of rocks. Little rocks that my kids like to throw at each other. So I'm walking and suddenly feel something STABBING my heel. A rock had practically gone through my flip flop because, remember, the heel is practically see through thin.

I get it. It's time. I just have to get the guts to actually throw them out.

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  1. ew, throw those bad boys out stat! do something nice for those weird little toes of yours.