Monday, April 27, 2009

Target trips, goodbye

I think from my post on Friday you know that I was a tad bit stressed.
Mostly it was because Mela's tooth was coming in and she was grumpy, my poor baby.
But Friday I realized something else that's honestly driving me crazy.
I'll confess to you, my blogger friends.
I was stressed because Friday confirmed that it is
no longer pleasant to go out with my two children alone anymore.
I love going out with John and the kids.
But alone, sans husband, no thanks.
I could tell it was getting more crazy with each trip to Target.
Mela hangs out of the cart, ready to jump out.
That happens every single time we go.
I let her down and she proceeds to pull everything off the shelves.
I act like that crazy mom trying to control it all.
You get the point.
So basically, I'm never leaving the house without John with me.
Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

If you have three, four, or seventeen kids and you go out all the time without a sweat, sorry you had to read this. On the other hand, I kind of think you're lying. But that's just because I'm totally jealous.

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