Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So when they started acting like this...

I knew it was time to go outside and let them go nuts.
They did exactly that.
And they did it in the dirt and mud.

The proof is on her face.

And on her legs.

And here is the famous dirt pile where my first born furiously digs for gold.
Occasionally he runs over to me and asks, "should I give up?" and I, of course, make it a life lesson (because I'm a dork). I respond, "No, never give up. Okay? NEVER."
And then he looks at me scared because he now thinks he's going to be digging for gold until he's in kindergarten.

If we ever actually move back to our house,
it will be sad to leave my in-law's backyard.
It is a kid's dream.
Well, if your kids like dirt and mud and stuff.


  1. Fun pictures! I like the last one best.

  2. the 2nd pic, the one of mela. i think that is the sweetest face i have ever seen. love it!

  3. Beautiful pictures! So glad I found you on MMB. Did you say you've had your camera for only a year and no photoshop? Because these are fabulous!

  4. How fun! Love the one of Mela's dirty face- PRICELESS! Blow that one up HUGE! You're such a good mom!

  5. When he turns 18 and asks why you let him dig his way to Africa, may I suggest pleading the fifth?

    Fantastic pics, darling family.

  6. Love the tree trunk, love the dirt pile. If we were neighbors, I would sooo have my four little kids out there with yours, and your eye for awesome, eye-popping picts.