Saturday, April 4, 2009

I try to keep my blog...

Fun and lighthearted. But sometimes I think of something and want to share it with other moms or dads that I know read my blog.

I am sure most everyone has searched for the sexual offenders in their area.
If you haven't, please do.
It is not to scare you.
It is to empower you.
For you to empower your children.
I think I am a little paranoid.
I even try to memorize the offenders faces.
You never know.

Here is a link to Family Watchdog. It's simply awesome.
They have all the offenders in your area.
They tell you what they did and when.
They have pictures and marks that identify them.

I used to prefer just to ignore it.
That lasted like three days.
Bad things are still happening to children.
Whether I educate myself on the matter or not.
So here's a link for Family Watchdog.
Go to it and just be informed:

Family Watchdog

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  1. what a great website! i think its great that they took the time to create that. I sent this to all my friends who have kids in hopes they too can protect their kids! thank you!!