Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look at that beautiful child

He belongs to a wonderful mom that we will call C. She has two little kids. Daughter A and this little cutie J. Did you know that I'm starting this little here photography business? C was kind enough to let me in her home to photograph her and her adorable kids. I loved every second of it. My camera hanging from my neck, the kids laughing and playing, C being so patient with her kids and my privilege of witnessing such a good mom in action. I can see that her kids are really happy. When J woke up from his nap with me in his face with my camera he started to cry. C was eating a little snack in the kitchen when she heard his cries. She got up, ran to little J and all was better. I love that I got to capture moments in their lives with my camera. How special is that? Thanks C.
To see my favorites from our session go here.


  1. Love the pics!! It's the everyday moments that you miss...good job