Thursday, February 12, 2009

Once upon a time...

My Mela was tiny. Well, not really. She was over eight pounds when she was born. But she is going to be one soon and that is CRAZY, unbelievable, insane, sad, great and...I'll stop there.

Yesterday was like 60 degrees! I walked outside and thought "this is the day for Mela's pictures!" Yup, just like that. I called Lindsay and asked her if she wanted to help me because I have an, shall I say, energetic three year old and since this farm stand I wanted to use is by a busy road I didn't want him to DIE. She said yes because she can't refuse an opportunity to shoot a few pictures as well. She helped me and I clicked away. Thanks Lindsay.

I was worried when we got there. Worried big time. Is my daughter going to SCREAM her head off when I sit her in strange places? You know what? She didn't. Is she just going to have her concerned/what the heck is going on face? You guessed it, she didn't. She smiled. She looked beautiful. She was perfect. She amazes me constantly. I'm so grateful that I get to raise her. Even if she already has an attitude. Don't believe me that someone her age can have an attitude? Come over and take her strawberry out of her hand. She'll show you.

More of my Mela shoot here.

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  1. It is ridiculous how much your daughter looks like you. Holy crap. Love...LOVE...the picture of tights and shoes. She's too perfect.