Thursday, February 19, 2009

I take Taos outside to do his business

every morning. But before he can get to it usually what happens first is this.
What's that noise??!! Is that a cat or a leaf??!!!! I shouldn't run after it but man would it feel so nice to catch that kitty kitty!!!
At this point I'm like TAOS! GO POTTY! And I say that like 72 more times until he finally does. Meanwhile, I'm standing there because remember he'll chase the cats and it's just not pretty to watch because the cats eventually scare him off and he comes back whimpering and I have to explain to him that that's not how it works and to not do that around his dog buddies because they will probably make fun of him.

After all that, I realized something. The sun was actually shining down on us! After days of snow/rain it feels so good.
I was still cold standing there though so I said GO POTTY one last time and he finally went. Good boy Taosy.

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