Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big groups of people make me nervous

Picture has nothing to do with post. Just like it and it's my blog. So there.

It's true. Big family reunions? Oh my. It involves sweat. No eye contact. Is that person waving at me? Wait. No. They're not. They're waving to the person behind me. Just walk away, Bonnie. Pretend you didn't wave to someone that wanted nothing to do with you. Also pretend that everyone staring at you didn't see what just went down.


You know what other big group of people make me nervous. Wait for it....wait for it...da dum da people. I believe everything my church says as far as gospel. I know it's true. But the people. It's A LOT of people under one roof. Kids, people, more kids, more people, dogs. Got carried away. My point is I get nervous around so many people. Is she going to say hi today? Wait. No. She isn't. She just completely walked right past me and most definitely did NOT say hi. Should I have said something first? In those moments I can't help but get smacked in the face with the reality that my social skills are seriously lacking. It's like I have none. People probably think I'm rude. Or weird. Or avoiding them. Or possibly all of those things previously stated.


I may redeem myself in smaller groups though. I like to laugh and make others laugh. I like to be a good listener when other people talk. I'm not pretending either. I just love to hear people's stories. But still. Why can't I just say hi to someone in a big group without wondering if they even want to be bothered in the first place? I'm not asking them to give me their first born. It's just a wave. Just a word, hi.

Who knows.

Oh well. It's almost a relief to be left alone sometimes. No wondering what I should do when someone I may or may not know is walking down the hallway and I have no idea what to say. I'm glad my husband is right there with me though. We're just a pair of loners livin' the life. Maybe there's some classes at the local community college that can help us with our not-so-hot social skills. Or maybe not.

P.S. The answer to my pop quiz tomorrow. I know the anticipation is just practically unbearable!


  1. chris and i were just talking today about how we are loners. groups of people make me nervous too. groups of people that i know. if it is a group of complete strangers i'm okay. well maybe just a little nervous that some one will take one of my kids.

  2. you are so beautiful, inside and out.