Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We took a day trip...

And went to Baltimore.

It was snowing and it was beautiful.

We walked over the coolest bridge. That's the aquarium over there.

The boats with ice and snow on them were really pretty.

We ate Chipotle. Yum. People that live close to a Chipotle don't understand my excitement. We live almost two hours away and this was a much anticipated treat.

And then we moved into our new house...

Just kidding! I wish.

We went to IKEA. I love that place.

We let our children play. They have the coolest toys for so cheap. It was heaven for our little guys.

It was really fun. Thanks Baltimore. Thanks for snowing but not being too cold. Thanks for having a Chipotle, Barnes and Noble, and a HUGE mall all in the same place, and all while having an amazing view.


  1. Ahh.. you should've told me. I grew up in B-more and absolutely love going down to visit. And that nice new house.. yeah, purchased here in PA..lol!

  2. I love IKEA too!!!! I love the wire shelves.

  3. ahh that shot with the boats is sooo pretty! i mean really really beautiful. it looks like you guys had a blast. i'm so jealous of the snow. i know i say this all the time but i miss youuuu. and the kids. sigh. :(

  4. bonnie! I am so jealous that you went to chipotle! I love that place! Did you know that they are putting one in harrisburg??? We should go!

  5. No, I didn't know! We should totally go. Chipotle is so worth the trip.