Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Remember that snow...

Well we went outside and played our little hearts out in it. Good thing too since we left the next day.

That's right, we're back home. My kids were so freakin' good on the plane I wanted to give them trophy's for good behavior. Or at least a cookie and a hug. They slept and ate and played and DID NOT SCREAM THEIR HEADS OFF, like some other poor little girl in the 20 something row.
I know I screamed my head off when I was little so maybe I should thank my husband for the good behavior in their DNA.

The drive home was interesting. My father in law picked me up (thanks Don) but we fought the British GPS lady (I say she is British because she has such a cute British accent) all the way home for almost the entire two hours.
She's like, "Take the following exit in 300 yards" and we're like "no we want to go ON the tollway!" Then she practically screams ( I promise that at the very least she raised her voice, a lot) "Get off at the next exit and turn left!"
Then she just kept going and my father in law starts yelling back and I get a little concerned (he has heart problems, ya know) and then my son starts echoing everything Grandpa says. "Get over it lady!" says Don, then John chimes in from the backseat "yeah get over it!" And this continues and I'm laughing but not too loud because Don isn't kidding. He really does want her to get over it.
So I say to you British GPS lady, you rock for making my two hour drive with my exhausted little kids very entertaining.

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