Monday, December 1, 2008

The zoo without giraffes

I love his smile.
Pretty cool entrance.
The fox that we later saw at the Zoo. My son FREAKED out, in a good way.
The buffalo is my hubby's favorite animal.

Right outside the Zoo entrance. I saw them standing there and yelled, yes yelled, don't move! I have to take a picture of you, right now, just like that.

These shoes are the one thing that I bought on black Friday. They were four bucks at the Navy that's Old. My son loves them.

I would just like to thank my daughter publicly for always being such an awesome baby. Thanks, sweetie!

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  1. Hi Bonnie!

    My name is Jamie and I met you a while ago (briefly) with Brittan...It was general conference a couple years ago if that rings a bell!

    I just wanted to say your kids (and pictures) are beautiful! What kind of camera do you shoot with? How long have you been taking pictures? You are extremely talented! Anyways sorry I just had to say that! Take care!