Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not just the elderly use walkers, ya know

Emelia used her walker today for the first time. She rocks. She's a pro at it already and I can't believe it. What happened to my little, little baby. I hate to go on and on about how big and wonderful she is but you must understand how proud I am of her. Like I even want to tell perfect strangers at Target that stop for half a second to tell me how cute she is, how awesome my daughter is and maybe tell a few stories to prove it. Don't worry, I don't. I'm not THAT weird.


  1. that's so cute. she will be walking before you know it. i am not totally ready for that. doesn't it feel like they were just born yesterday? almost 10 months, that's crazy!

  2. you look so pretty in that picture with her. i could kiss you both!