Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas was...

Pretty freakin' awesome with two kids. Having Christmas with one was awesome too but it was like double the fun with my two babies. They got great gifts but I will not post all 600 pictures I took that morning.
Look at that ridiculously happy face!
Opening daddy's present

Then my son almost died when he opened this present

That face is priceless

He got Wall E. He hasn't let go of him yet.

My hubby got me this beautiful Peace necklace that I've wanted for a while

and the best most unique stunning camera strap from esty. I love, love, love it!

Thank you babe! Love ya.


  1. you and tara had the same wrapping paper this year.

  2. seriously i can't get over the pjs. they're so cute! i want a wall-e toy. ask john if he'll share with me. i'm truly glad you had a good christmas. you deserve all the happiness in the world. and that camera strap is gorgeous.