Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas ward party...without my husband

I hate going to anything social without John, unless it's a girl's night out, of course. But I went because THE Santa was going to be there and I simply cannot deprive my children of the Christmas time magic. It turned out okay. My in-laws were there and helped carry my -I want to crawl, get off of me!-baby. The food was good and there were meat-free dishes, hallelujah to that!

Our Santa was so cool. Those bushy eyebrows you see my child staring at, are the real thing my friends.

I believe he was saying something about wanting Wall- E and a Transformer. I happen to know both wishes were granted...but not before fighting my way past toy crazy folks at Toys R Us. It got dangerous at some point with some lady almost running over my son. Dangerous for her, mind you, because nobody runs my kid over without at least pretending to feel sorry about it.

She looked so cute.


  1. i love that picture of john and santa. it just looks so cool.

  2. I too love the picture of John and Santa...I love his hand on his cute!