Friday, November 7, 2008

Target..oh how we love you

Lindsay and I went to Target (among other places) and had ourselves a good old time. The kids ran around, we laughed, people probably thought we were weird. But who cares because, like I said, we had fun!
Seriously...cutest thing I've ever seen!

They were tired. So that means they were crazy!

We looked at Christmas stuff. I love Christmas.

The kids touched anything that looked cool. Because that's what kids do.

Lindsay looked at glass jars. They're pretty aren't they?

We tried on ornaments.

My absolute favorite thing at Target...for right now. So cute. Must buy.

This is us trying to take a picture together. I'm short. She's not. The laughing made it even more difficult.

And then before leaving our kids announced our exit by honking the really loud bike horns.
Way to go kids!


  1. i'm so jealous that you get to spend your days at target. i know that sounds stupid but i really miss toting little bradley around target. now he doesn't fit in the cart and i only go there when i'm in a hurry and have to grab something. sigh.

    you're so pretty. i miss you. also, that picture of mila could totally be a target print ad.

  2. My kids can spot a Target miles away. It is like my grown up version of Toyr R Us.

    P.S. I love that you call her mila too! She might never make it to Emelia.

  3. I miss going to Target with you and the kids. You and Lindsay looked happy. Keep having fun.

    Love Mom.