Monday, November 10, 2008

My weekend in a post

This weekend was pretty darn great. Saturday I went to dinner with girlfriends and let me just say that is was loads of fun! The food was amazing. The conversation was so good that I would have paid for it had the ladies charged me for it. The music playing at Houlihans was great...anyway, you get the point, right? It was awesome. Thanks girls. Can't wait till next time.

Isn't this pretty?

Jessica, Sarah, Angela, Emily, Anya, and missing in this picture is Lindsey (used to be Coy now proudly Mrs. Lauer!). I had the best talk with Lindsey and am angry I didn't get a picture of her. Have to get one of her next time. And of myself too.

Jessica and Sarah.

Angela, Emily and part of Anya.

Angela. Who is so sweet, by the way.

This plate was attacked by some hungry ladies. This was the end result.
Good times.

Moving on to Sunday morning...

John came in our room Sunday morning and went right for his daddy. I, of course, upon seeing this went right for my camera.

The best thing I've ever seen.

I LOVE, love, LoVe, my guys.


  1. It was a super fun night out with the ladies! I have not laughed that hard in a very long time!

  2. oh my goodness that last picture of john(s) is sooooo cute! dimple face!

    i'm glad you got to have some fun... but wish i could have been there!