Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A cowboy on a walk consists of...

Finding a walking stick right away because Cowboys father taught him that was COOL.
Letting little SISTER come along for the walk mostly because she has to although Cowboy enjoys her company very much.
Collecting LEAVES that look worthy of being put in the back of little sisters stroller.
The back of LITTLE sisters stroller.
Cowboy getting UPSET when falling leaves don't MAGICALLY fall into his hands.

Cowboy trying to decide if a really big walking STICK is needed.

Cowboy getting tired of trying to pick up huge sticks and so takes a BREAK on a tree stump. Why not?

Little sister getting sick of being in the stroller meaning the cowboys walk is OVER.


  1. cowboy looks like he means business! what a big dude. those leaves are gorgeous. i'm jealous. oh, and little sister is about as cute as little sisters come.

  2. You guys have the best back yard for a little boy!