Friday, October 31, 2008

Cheesy post ALERT

Let me just start out by saying that this post might be slightly cheesy but it is my blog.You have been warned. With that, I will proceed.

This year my lovely hubby was not able to come with me and the kids on our trick or treat trip. He had to work. So I ventured out into the dark, crowded, Halloween night all by myself with my ENORMOUS double stroller. My two sister's in law were with me. Taryn has three kids and Jennie is childless. Taryn because of having outnumbered me with children got all of Jennie's help(at least that's why I think so anyway) which is why I say I was alone. Moving on to my point. I realized while pushing my huge stroller on grass(because in PA there are hardly any sidewalks), holding John's hand, and carrying Emelia on my hip(she had started to cry REALLY loud by then) that I have the best HUSBAND ever! He is such a huge help to me. I really never notice it because it's so automatic when we're together. It's never like "Dear could you please stop watching football and help me with the kids?" It's like we just take care of the kids together. We just meet each others needs. Our relationship is not perfect. I yell. I was just not built to hold things in(that's my excuse, by the way). He gets tired and grouchy sometimes. We're only human, geesh. But what we have is ours. Our own way of dealing with problems and trials.

John, I love you. You are the BEST man I know. I couldn't imagine my life with you not there right beside me. You are the father of my children and that makes me so HAPPY. You are the best FATHER I know. We all love you so much. Thanks for working your tushie off at work so that I can take care of our kids, that I could never imagine leaving with someone else every day. I know you miss us the long hours you spend at work. But we love you and are so grateful for it. Thank you for holding my hand when I need it and leaving me alone when I don't. Thanks for pretending you like my experimental vegan cookies( that I ALWAYS burn). Thanks for making me and the baby pull your finger when you fart sometimes, it's gross but it still makes us laugh. Thank you because you love me for me and that is an awesome feeling.
We missed you TONS tonight.

Te amo, te quiero.

-Your Buddy :)

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