Monday, September 15, 2008

Trip to see Grandma Rosa

The kids and I went to Denver in August and stayed with my mom for a little over two weeks. We celebrated both our birthdays, ate great food, she spoiled my kids rotten, and I miss her SO much. She's coming to visit in November though so I'm not too sad.

My son has wanted this truck for like a month. Thanks to Grandma another dream fulfilled.

On my birthday my hubby sent me flowers and made me miss him and love him more.
My mom gave me a massive chocolate. Enough said. YUM!

John helping blow out Grandma's birthday candles because he just can't help it.

Emelia got her first teeth! Not tooth because they both came out at the same exact time. Poor babe.

While in Denver we spent almost everyday with my good friend Karla. John loves her kids and I know he misses them. I miss my friend too.

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