Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Christmas was so great this year. We have never really put up a real tree and decorated our house for Christmas. We have always been moving right before Christmas or right after. This time John put up lights outside and I decorated inside. We had a countdown calendar and of course stockings. We made a gingerbread house which unfortunately is now in poor condition because my son has practically eaten all the candy off. Most of all though John and I loved having our own place that we can call our own and watch our baby open gifts and get so excited. Baby John got really cool gifts this year. We bought him a tractor and everyone else got him something Thomas the Train. He loved every single thing he got and we loved watching the sheer happiness he felt opening all the gifts. Grant and Chelita stayed with us and baby John just loved having them here especially baby Lily as he calls her. It was not too cold Christmas Eve but when we woke up we saw what the picture I posted looks like. There was tons of snow! It was a total surprise and it was wonderful. It was beautiful outside and it made our Christmas even better.

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